PROTISA Productos Tinerfeños


PROTISA Productos Tinerfeños is a company dedicated to the production of environmentally friendly high quality paper for domestic and industrial use, The business is characterized by being the only company that produces paper in the Canaries. During the production process the raw materials are not bleach based products but recycled paper, doing a commendable environmental contribution to the region.

PROTISA as a benchmark company at regional and national level, and in its aim to position and stand out in the market, has always maintained a strong inclination for improvement through innovation processes. In this scope, PROTISA has developed several research projects in various processes focusing on the research and improvement of production processes .

In December 2010 PROTISA decided to request the support of Plan B Group to implement a Management System for R&D&I in accordance with standard UNE 166002, to effectively manage the guidelines in the organization and management of innovative activities taking place in the company and showing to their customers the commitment of the organization in product innovation.

Once Plan B Group assisted PROTISA, previously the company tried to get the certification of ISO 9001 and ISO 14011 standards, quality and environmental standards respectively. This first attempt at implementation had not had the expected results, mainly due to the complexity of the documentation and the inefficiency in the daily use of it to comply with the rules. PROTISA then decided to entrust Plan B Group the implementation of management systems in quality and environment.

During the implementation process of the UNE 166002, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in an Integrated Management System (IMS), Plan B Group had to create, with the help of the organization itself, the documentation necessary to improve the efficiency of its production process, the efficient use of raw materials and resources and efficiency in product development and innovative projects. Altogether a total of nineteen procedures where being picked among others: control documentation, efficient purchasing management, stock management, papermaking through recycled paper, identification and assessment of environmental aspects, legal compliance requirements, generation of ideas, conducting surveillance and technology transfer, etc.

Protisa demonstrates a loyal commitment with quality, innovation, and respect for the environment.

The IMS implementation process lasted a total of five months until February 2012, time when PROTISA got the official certification by Bureau Veritas for the UNE 166002, and a month later the certification of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, demonstrating the success of the documentation and best practices implemented by Plan B Group.

Thanks to the implementation of these three standards, the company has improved efficiency in the management and production process of the organization, improving their product and giving an image of the most competitive, innovative and environmentally friendly business. Being in possession of the certificates, in turn transmitted to the increasing demand, a better assessment and perception of their product reflected in an increase in contracts with major supermarket chains.

Plan B Group has been responsible for conducting internal audits in order to renew certificates upon initial certification. These audits have verified compliance with reference standards, have proposed good practices that have led to an improvement in the efficiency and management of the organization.

Successful renewal of certificates demonstrates the good work done over the years by Plan B Group in terms of quality, environment and innovation.

Web 2.0 and Social Media

The trust of PROTISA after the work performed in the implementation of its Management Systems and its success in the certification led to a new project conducted by Plan B Group in 2014: the development of its new website and the management of their social media profiles.

Internet identity to listen to public and show values ​​of quality, innovation and environment of the organization.

In this case, Plan B Group started this development from scratch to build a new website that suits the needs of PROTISA, based on a design of their innovation values and respect for the environment. Thus, the new website of PROTISA has the following main features:

  • HTML5 and CSS3 Programming languages.
  • Graphic design based on brand image and values of ​​PROTISA.
  • jQuery transitions and dynamic effects.
  • Synchronizing content with leading social networks.
  • SEO.
  • Creating and managing content.
  • Adjustment to current Cookies Regulations.

Similarly, Plan B Group manages comprehensively PROTISA’s presence on the network, both in content management of the website and in social media profiles from Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, via services such as:

  • Design and Customization of PROTISA´s social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.
  • Creating own content about PROTISA on the web page and dissemination social profiles.
  • Monitoring files and relevant news of the activity of PROTISA .
  • Agenda Planning publication.
  • Posts and online reputation management.

PROTISA is one of the clearest examples of the ability of Plan B Group to integrate its services within organizations in cross-promoting areas simultaneously, generating further growth by combining services of Consulting, Audit and Innovation.