Globalization and the current development of logistics systems, together with the Information Technology and Communication, allow you to extend your business model and improve competitiveness in foreign markets. We are convinced that your products and services can be successful outside, so we offer the following internationalization services:

  • Custom Report for Grants for Internationalization
  • Design of Plans of Internationalization
  • Design of Plans of Regionalization
  • Certified internationalization consultants
  • Commercial reports of companies of more than 150 countries

Canary Islands is a traditional exporting society with a long historical trajectory. Since the discovery of America and the development of the first major sea trade routes, the Canary Islands became as an important link between Europe, Africa and America, a situation exploited by the Canarian to be commercial leaders with products that offered a strong competitive advantage against foreign economies. From the sixteenth century with the trade of sugar cane, then with the Malvasia wine, and so on through out History, the Canary Islands were always a highly export-leading of certain products.

The development of modern capitalism and globalization have decreased the export trend in our society, mainly due to the rise of new highly specialized international competitors. However, Canary still enjoys a unique and priviledged strategical position to successfully penetrate foreign markets, in addition to be populated by highly qualified people for this, but the lack of reliability stops many entrepreneurs in the last step of the internacionalization process.

In Plan B Group, we help you to jump to foreign markets. We research specific markets where products and services offered by your company present a high competitive advantage, leveraging the development of distribution channels and ICT, and especially supporting you throughout the whole process of internationalization, your company will be able to run its business abroad.

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