Continuous improvement requires a rigorous tracking of your business processes in order to identify potential deficencies or opportunities for improvement. Plan B Group rely on accredited auditors who are able to transfer strong knowledge and extensive experience to your organization.

  • Lead auditors accredited ISO 9001
  • Lead auditors accredited ISO 14001
  • Lead auditors accredited OHSAS 18001
  • Lead auditors accredited ISO 22000
  • Lead auditors accredited ISO 27001
  • Lead auditors accredited UNE 166002
  • Auditors in Personal Data Protection
  • EFQM Evaluators

Our audit criteria keep a permanent commitment with quality and excellence inside the the companies. Thanks to our accumulated experience  for years auditing to organizations from different sectors, for all kinds of regulations and processes, we have developed a know-how that gives place to a highly efficient audit system, based in reaching the maximum satisfaction of our clients.

In addition, Plan B Group counts with qualified and certified persons, able to carry out with the most complex processes of audit successfully.

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