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ACANO 2005 Project Management S.L., is a private capital organization that was established in 2005, focusing entirely on the Project Management within the construction field, by dividing its activities into two major fields, a service department Project Management and a R&D Product Department, in which all knowledge is applied to investigate and innovate in daily activities and to provide to customers new processes and software offer that enable them to improve the performance of their activities.

In December of 2010, ACANO 2005 required the help and support of Plan B Group for the implementation of a R&D&i management system according to the European Standard UNE 166002, in order to effectively normalize the guidelines in organization and management of innovative activities, and thus becoming a reference from its competitors before the acute crisis that was hitting the construction sector.

The certification of R&D&i management system was achieved in March 2011 after passing the audit certification by Bureau Veritas, and thus becoming one of the first local businesses to be certified under the Standard UNE 166002: 2006.

After realizing about the benefits of having implemented a management system within the organization, ACANO 2005 contacted again Plan B Group, this time to implement primarily a 9001 ISO Quality Standard and 14001 ISO Environmental Management Standard and subsequently a 18001 OHSAS Management of safety and occupational health standards.

During this implementation process of the three standards, combined with the existing UNE 166002, Plan B Group was responsible for creating an Integrated Management System (IMS) wherein all the requirements of the four standards were contained in a single system, greatly simplifying the volume of generated documentation compared with that being generated by the four implemented standards independently. This process of unification had its greatest handicap when complying with legal requirements and other requirements related to the rules and procedures and translating them into joint records (HR, Purchasing, Document Control, Service Provision, etc).

The IMS implementation process lasted four months, until February of 2012, time when ACANO 2005 Project Management acquired the official certification by Bureau Veritas of the Standards UNE166002, ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001, demonstrating to all external parties the commitment of ACANO to differentiate themselves from other organizations by investing in quality, environmental responsibility, health and safety and R&D&i.

Thanks to the implementation of the four standards, the organization has improved its efficiency and the service provision becoming a more competitive and innovative business. The fact of holding these certificates has transmitted to customers a better assessment and perception of service that has been demonstrated with higher scores on satisfaction surveys.

Once implemented and initially certified the IMS, it has become necessary to renew the whole range of certifications, and for this ocassion, ACANO 2005 Project Management has continued with the collaboration of Plan B Group for conducting internal audits. In these internal audits to verify compliance of the four reference standards, Plan B Group has proposed a roadmap of good practices that has led to efficiency and performance improvement of the organization. Furthermore thanks to these internal audits there have been reinforced good practices that were taking place within the organization (a complete annual training scheme, involvement of the board of directors in system improvement, meticulous segregation of waste, business opportunities prospection through the use of SWOT matrices, risk assessments by identifying non-routine situations etc..)

The internal audits of Plan B Group are not limited to verifying the compliance with the requirements of each standard, so rather to identify opportunities and make recommendations for improvement.

Renewing certificates has demonstrated the good work of the Directors and ACANO 2005 employees who have been able to maintain the IMS. Also this renewal and initial certification, demonstrate that the consulting work of Plan B Group has been successful, allowing the organization to obtain the certificate through documentation specifically implemented for them (procedures, records, manuals, technical manuals, etc..) so that an SME is able to maintain and improve by itself at the same time four different standards.

Branding and Web Development

The confidence placed by ACANO Plan 2005 Project Management in Plan B Group has been plenty, so in parallel with the implementation of its Management Systems, Plan B Group undertook its branding and web development.

On the one hand, Plan B Group carried out the design of the new brand logo and the development of its corporate identity manual to enhance its usage in different print and digital media channels. On the other hand, it was taken the development of its new website, and the main features are as follows:

  • HTML and CSS programming
  • Transitions and dynamic effects with jQuery
  • Corporate Video Presentation
  • Multi language support
  • Private customer area
  • Interactive map of customers sorted by geographic area
  • Accessibility Level Adaptation “Double-A”