The Inward Investment Agency of the Canary Islands (PROEXCA) is a public company attached to the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Security of the Government of the Canary Islands. It has as main objectives the internationalization of local businesses and the attraction to the islands of strategic investment for the regional development.

The career of Plan B Group in its internationalization process has been closely linked to the cooperation with PROEXCA, which allowed access to resources and support to prepare the company to jump into new markets, such as training, access to relevant information specialized in potential target markets and advisory and technical support by hiring an Export Manager through the aid of the Regional Export Program, CANARIAS APORTA I and CANARIAS APORTA II.

During this whole journey in the path of internationalization, currently and since 2012, Plan B Group has been going through different stages, from the development of trade actions in global markets, improvements in communication and promotion tools in the international area, to the development of an international master plan focused on its main business lines for a three-year period of time.

Plan B Group firma del Programa Canarias Aporta

Thanks to the collaboration of PROEXCA and its support program, Plan B Group has been able to realize his jump overseas through the following milestones: a trade mission that took place in August last year to Paraguay, the award of a private tender in Mauritania and the presentation of a project to an international tender in Equatorial Guinea which is funded by the African Development Bank.

PROEXCA is a very important collaborator in the Plan B Group international process

Plan B Group greatly appreciates the assistance provided by both the institution itself and by staff involved in the project and in turn encourages all local businesses with a desire to internationalize to take advantage of this kind of initiatives. The way of internationalization is not an easy road to travel, so the fact of having an institution that supports this kind of actions will provide greater added value on projects of all those local companies that are focusing their efforts on making their introduction into global markets.