Caraljosann SC1


CARALJOSAN, SL is a company with over twenty years of experience dedicated to the transport of disabled people but now it has diversified its business model to public and private transport, having a large fleet of vehicles for any type of transportation.

Plan B Group was the company chosen by the Management Board of CARALJOSAN to implement an Integrated Management System (IMS) in accordance with ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment) for the primary purpose of having a greater number of points when submitted to public tender offers and bids, mainly by the Ministries of Education and Health, to have certified management systems for quality and environmental management. Another primary objective was to improve the functioning and efficiency of the business in all its departments and to reduce environmental impacts arising from their transport, understanding the environmental awareness as one of its core values.

When Plan B Group started to work with the organization, those shortcomings were not allowed to get certificates without modifying existing documentation. It was task of Plan B Group bringing this documentation to the requirements according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and to create all new documentation in order to comply with the Standards (Procedures, Records, Technical Instructions, etc. ). In addition to the minimum documentation required for obtaining Quality and Environment certificates, Plan B Group added to its management system a number of improvements thanks to the extensive experience of its consultants in the transport sector (Guide efficient driving, manual, driver, etc. )

Plan B Group developed additional documentation not required by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, but it helps to improve the efficiency of the organization.

Throughout the process of implementing the quality and environmental management system, all staff are trained so that they could maintain the system themselves, and made ​​them the required improvements and modifications of the submitted documentation. Plan B Group is still in charge of the respective internal audits, which apart from being consultants with extensive experience are also qualified by several audit certification bodies.

Thanks to the implementation of IMS, it has significantly reduced fuel consumption of their vehicles because of good environmental practices implemented by the company. It has also managed to have full control for preventive maintenance on all infrastructure and equipment, minimizing any incident with them. Similarly the company has obtained the renewal of the applied tenders to provide services to public administration, certifying to be in a higher position than required by current legislation level.

Branding and web development

Again, reliance on Plan B Group and the good results obtained after certification of its Integrated Management System for Quality and Environment, CARALJOSAN took advice of Plan B Group to perform a reconstruction of its logo and to develop a new website.

Therefore, Plan B Group conducted the renewal of the brand image of the company with a new logo design, the design of a commercial catalogue and development of a webpage mainly oriented on their service provision, with the following main features:

  • HTML and CSS programming
  • Entertainment and dynamic effects with jQuery
  • SEO
  • News section

This way, CARALJOSAN represents the ability of Plan B Group to integrate within any organizational structure and develop services that enhance competitiveness.