A new student joins the team of Plan B Group to serve an in-company internship

Foto prácticas Karen

Plan B Group welcomes a new student to serve an in-company internship which will give her the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical knowledge learned during classes, to get to know the labor market and to establish a direct contact with customers, as well as the possibility of working in a multidisciplinary team.

This time the colleague who rejoined our team was Karen Ruiz Toro, a student of Géstion Administration at Lycée Le Rebours in Paris. She was able to serve this internship thanks to the Erasmus + Programme, just as our colleague Anaelle Kalfon did. Through these traineeships, students can also get to know the island of Tenerife and its culture while having the opportunity to improve their Spanish skills.

In the picture, Karen Ruiz with our colleague Benalia Plasencia (right).