Atlantica Handling affords a recertification process of its Integrated Management System in Quality, Environment and H&S

Plan B Group Auditoría Interna en Atlántica Handling

Another year where Atlantic Handling, a company responsible for aircraft assistance, passengers and baggage at all airports in the Canary Islands in which Binter Canarias actively operates, has contracted Plan B Group to conduct their internal audits prior to the recertification of its Integrated Management System in Quality, Environment, Health & Safety at Work under the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards respectively.

For four days, consultants and external auditors of Plan B Group verified the state of the system.  Since its successful implementation, it became a case study in aeronautics, incorporating important organizational improvements by being reflected in procedures of Quality, Environmental and Occupational Risk Prevention to address certification.

As a highlight of this audit process, Plan B Group detected a high level of commitment of all its members with quality, environmental awareness and health protection of their workers, allowing certifications acquired naturally in the organization.

In the above picture, a group picture of the Directors of each department in Atlantic Handling with consultants and external auditors of Plan B Group. In the picture below, Directors of the different departments of Atlantic Handling with Alberto J. Santana, CEO of Plan B Group during the internal audit closing meeting.

Plan B Group AI recertificación de AH