Plan B Group releases its new website

Plan B Group estreno nueva web

At Plan B Group we have been working since a while in our new website in order to provide a better service of information about our range of business solutions, as well as the undertaken projects that are developed by us.

Our new website is aiming to concentrate a great volume of information through our activities under a tide manner, with time-saving and also accessible to all from any device, with a visual expression that reflects the core values of our modern, young and flexible community.

The main features of our new website are as follows:

  • WordPress Content Management System with templates developed from scratch.
  • Language Programming PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.
  • Website Responsive Design Development optimized to mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Interactive content: videos, picture galleries, maps and registration forms.
  • Social Network Content Synchronization.
  • Strict compliance with Data Protection Act and Cookies Regulations.

In the actual version of our website, we have dedicated special attention to some of our clients accompanied by a special section of case studies, where you will find some of the peculiarities in the development of their projects with a high level of detail.

You can also meet some of the organizations with which we have partnerships and you can stay abreast of the latest news about what is happening in our organization.

This project of Plan B Group reflects the work done by all our team members, who have been involved in the construction of our new website, each performing different contributions from their area, from conceptualization to ideas for improvement, creation and content migration, programming and translations. It all has gone through all the staff and areas of Plan B Group to result on a web page made by everyone from our firm.

We hope you like it!