Plan B Group visits Morocco as a continuation of its internationalization process

Plan B Group Agadir 7

Plan B Group visited the city of Agadir in Morocco with the aim of generating commercial ties for its internationalization process. For a week time, Alberto J. Santana, CEO of Plan B Group had the chance to speak with the main entities that are giving support to installation of businesses in Morocco. Additionally, he kept relevant conversations with representatives of other organizations interested in the services offered by Plan B Group.

The similarities between the economic structures of Agadir and the Canary Islands, with a significant weight in the tourism sector, and their accumulated experience providing services across the board in tourism businesses, make this location a highly attractive destination for the strategy of Plan B Group in Africa.

Similarly, the visit was also aimed to attend the Forum for the Modernization of Tourism between Canary Islands and Morocco. It was attended by more than a hundred tourism entrepreneurs of both countries, where new business opportunities and synergies were detected to develop projects jointly.

Plan B Group Agadir 10

During the visit, it was found on firsthand the potential of the city of Agadir in order to provide services by Plan B Group. It was taken the conclusion of being a sprawling region with a strong boost in tourism and related services across this sector. Proactivity and willingness of collaborations within the entrepreneurial class and existing Spanish and Canarian organizations will undoubtedly be a great success with excellent results in the future.

In the picture, Alberto J. Santana, Managing Director of Plan B Group, visiting the premises of PROEXCA in Agadir.