Plan B Group undertakes the development of the new E-commerce platform of Wehbe Store

Plan B Group Nuevo Wehbe

After the successful launch of the online store in June 2013, Wehbe Store, a fashion retail company with high presence and tradition in the Canary Islands, has decided to take a further step in its strategy of E-Commerce with a new online store, recounting with Plan B Group for its design and development.

To do this, the Innovation Department of Plan B Group has undertaken the development of this new platform from scratch in order to build a new online sales channel under major updates  in use of programming standards, which allow the company to keep up the latest consumer trends of the most demanding customers, where the main features regards on:

  • Development under Content Management Systems Prestashop and HTML5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery standards.
  • Responsive Web Design.
  • Multi-platform Support for textile and perfumery.
  • Adaptation of modules at the company’s own characteristics.
  • Creation of own modules.
  • Stocks synchronization between the virtual store and physical stores.
  • Advanced Management of customers´account and orders.
  • Secured connection using HTTPS protocol.
  • Ability to share content with social networks.

By using this new E-commerce platform, Wehbe Store is positioned as one of the best local businesses prepared to benefit from the advantages of electronic commerce in the network internationally.

Refer to the full case study of Galleries Wehbe at Plan B Group.