Plan B Group develops the E-commerce platform of H2O Quality System and the design of its online communication support

Plan B Group Ecommerce H2O Quality System

H2O Quality System is a new company dedicated to the clean water treatment through highly innovative equipment and procedures in the industry, which also provides great importance to the work in educating the market with the most ecological use of water to reduce its economic and environmental cost.

For its successful market penetration, H2O Quality System has received Innovation services from Plan B Group to carry out the implementation of the brand image of the company through online communication support as well as for the development of its web site and online store.

Thus, email and system setup of the company was held, with a design of highly individualized outgoing mail, as well as the design and setup of social profiles of H2O Quality System on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. 

Furthermore, Plan B Group designed and developed its website for this new organization as a platform for electronic commerce based on a Free Software, Prestashop, an E-commerce Solution that allows online sales of their products and services, with the following main features:

  • HTML5 and CSS3 Language Programming.
  • Responsive Web Design adapted to mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.
  • Adaptation of visual style to its corporate image.
  • SEO Optimization.
  • Creating original content. 
  • Setting up the online store, the pricing system, taxes and transportation.
  • Adapting the user system management and purchasing process to the business model of H2O Quality System.
  • Adjustment of Cookies Regulations enforcement.

The project ended up with a training session given to all members of H2O Quality System, in order to transfer the knowledge for independent management of its website by the company’s own staff. In the picture below, this picture of the mentioned training session at the premises of Plan B Group.

Plan B Group formación Ecommerce H2O Quality System

By the development of this project, Plan B Group demonstrates the ability to take innovative projects of its clients, especially with solutions designed to accelerate sales of any company on the Internet.

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