Plan B Group starts a project of IFS Food Safety implementation in Mauritania

March has been a key month for the continued internationalization of Plan B Group into new markets, which started a new project of Food Safety Standard IFS (International Food Standard ) implementation in a company belonging to the fishery industry of Mauritania. The IFS helps to comply with all the requirements of food safety internationally, accepted audit procedures globally in order to continuously improve the safety of consumers, allowing the development of a quality control and food safety standard governing the terms of trade in goods and trade in food commodities.

During the month of March, members of Plan B Group traveled to the Mauritanian city of Nouadhibou to check the status of compliance with the requirements of the existing standard as a step to the development of documentation and implementation of the IFS into the organization. In the picture above, the verification process during the visit to the company in Nouadhibou.

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