Interview with Alberto Santana, CEO of Plan B Group, in the journal El Día: „In Africa there is a great demand for services linked to knowledge“

Few weeks ago, the newspaper supplement of economy, business, corporate and internationalization of the local newspaper El Día interviewed Alberto Santana, CEO of Plan B Group. The article talks aboutintensive services in knowledge management and internationalization.

The interview, conducted by Roman Delgado, addressed the key aspects of the successful experiencein projects of Plan B Group thanks to its range of services based on knowledge and technology in the regional market of the Canary Islands. The company´s main strength of its internationalization processin Africa, where the organization is carrying out projects through the transfer of the acquired knowledgein the Canaries, is adapted to the needs of organizations in the neighboring continent.

Similarly, it was highlighted the keys to success for the output of the local businesses to foreign markets, identifying great business opportunities that can be absorbed by flair initiatives, preparation and existing prior experience in the archipelago.

In the world of business there is an important desire to collaborate with those closest to us geographically and culturally speaking. If serious long-term projects arise, then there will be a good response with complete safety.

Thus, the combination of knowledge and export orientation among other factors mentioned in the interview, represent a significant added value for Plan B Group to tackling international projects.

Consolidation in the local/regional market prior to the internationalization approach.

During the interview, it was recognized that there is nothing easy in the process of internationalization of companies. There is still a need for a certain degree of consolidation in the local or regional market as part of a knowledge base in the financial environment and financial support capable of affording enough project investment, particularly external.

Experience of Plan B Group in Africa: an ongoing process of internationalization.

Since 2014, Plan B Group is in charge of several projects by implementing quality management systems in Africa, including the implementation of the IFS Food Safety Standard in a fishing company in Mauritania, online training projects in various organizations of Morocco and last but not least, initial steps for the development of innovative projects in Cape Verde.

Download the full interview in PDF format.