A new project for training classes on Time Management in the public administration

Grupo Gestión del tiempo turno de mañana

Plan B Group, through its training area, drafted and issued three calls for training calledManagement, planning and organization of timeheld during the months of March and April this same year in the South of Tenerife.

The mentioned course reflects the commitment of public administrations to support citizenship in acquiring the skills and tools which enable them to achieve a higher level of professionalism in their current or future job. In addition, the course permits to conduct a self-analysis of the participants’ daily behavior, detecting those aspects that can be improved and motivating them to make engagements and develop routines that enable them to better plan the time in both personal and professional areas, making use of various tools to facilitate this task.

During the sessions, we trained a total of 30 attendants, who successfully acquired the necessary knowledge and tools to get the most out of their time and out of the resources to fulfill their tasks.

In the pictures, some of the attendants with Cynthia Albelo, who teacher of the “Management, planning and organization of Time” course.