Plan B Group becomes part of the European Network of Experts on Technology Innovation Program CYBERINNOV

Plan B Group Programa CYBERINNOV

Plan B Group has recently become a member of the European Network of Experts for the CYBERINNOV Technological Innovation program. A database of European experts among which are working together organizations such as Chambers of Commerce of Barcelona and Gijón, the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce of Gers, in the field of European CYBERINNOV program. The main goal of this European network is to bring technological innovation to small businesses as a goal to achieve greater competitiveness.

The CYBERINNOV project involves the participation of 200 SMEs in Spain, and implementation of numerous technical assistance through this network of experts to those SMEs during 2015, where Plan B Group will provide added value that has been generated after its experience in technological innovation projects throughout its career.